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{Wednesday, July 02, 2003}

Pupils learn in wi-fi wood.

"If you go down to the woods in southern England, you may be surprised to find a group of pupils armed with the latest handheld gadgets.

"The children have been given personal digital assistants (PDAs) and pocket radios to track down and record plants and wildlife.
They have been taking part in a scheme called the Ambient Wood Project, which looks at how technology can best be used to teach schoolchildren about ecology.

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{Monday, June 30, 2003}

In Internet Becoming Candidates' Domain (washingtonpost.com) the Post writes that Dean is building a massive grass-roots org online, working especially with Meetup.com. I like this: "In an innovative move, the Dean campaign is stealing a play from corporate online advertising by buying ads that are displayed on search engine sites after users look for competitors' sites. For example, if users type in "George W. Bush" or "John Kerry," they will find a boxed link to Dean's campaign prominently displayed.

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